Thursday, January 3, 2013


"Food Galore in Baltimore" 2012 mixed media (24" x 36")
Baltimore, Maryland is loaded with tons and tons of stories and historical facts about food. The richness of the Chesapeake Bay's fish, crabs and oysters supported many families for hundreds of years. The abundance of fruit and vegetables planted and harvested on Maryland's Eastern Shore was easily transported to the busy harbor by a fleet of steamships making daily crossings. While the raw bounty of the state was delivered to the city's bustling docks, men and women went to work to feed not only our residents but nearly the entire country. Baltimore was once called the pantry of the nation and it's easy to see why. We had  a mass of canneries to preserve the  food for storage and future consumption. Many small businesses were able to survive on the rich bounty that was all ours to prepare, serve and sell. The restaurants, grocery stores and markets all profited from the delicious cornucopia of food stuffs that were easily and locally acquired. And we cannot forget the foreign banana boats that swarmed our harbor making us the banana capital of the county! Over the years I have collected all sorts of match books, labels, invoices, ads, brochures and photographs relating to Baltimore's food industry. I made this collage during the summer of 2012. I like looking at all this stuff and when I see how many prints of this collage have sold, I can only draw the conclusion that many of you like to look at it too. Bon Appetit!