Friday, October 24, 2014


"Singer Sewing Orange" 2014,  oil on board (12" x 18")
In May 2014, we came home from a week-long show only to find that nine inches of rainwater had been marinating in the basement for six days. Our neighbors and friends immediately swung into action to help us with their equipment and labor. That act of generosity was one of several gifts resulting from the cellar's swampy circumstances. Sometimes catastrophe results in solutions for your life. We did finally clear out the basement!  Our chaotic misfortune also revealed a hidden gem after the fetid waters subsided. 

"Singer Sewing Machine Turquoise" 2014, oil on board (9" x 12")

 Among the injured and ruined objects was an item I had long been wanting to paint but its sheer weight kept me from making the purchase at flea markets. Then, there in the dankness was an odd shaped piece of luggage. When I pried open the mushy case an antique, black singer sewing machine lay within its contents. I was overjoyed at the sight and set it aside. Months later I cleaned it so that it could model for me in the studio. More paintings are underway.