Sunday, October 23, 2016

CLOWN SIGHTINGS from the past

It's in the news and all over social media....there are clown sightings everywhere.  Most of the clowns are described as menacing and/or evil. Even the NewYork Times has written about this resurgence of clown appearances or visions.

 During my childhood,  clowns entertained children and families at circuses and parties. They were sort of amusing, like Clarabell on the Howdy Doody Show. But there was an intimidating quality some of these clowns possessed even then. After all,  Clarabell was intensely mute and forced to mime until the final episode of Howdy. I never was bothered by the circus clowns who seemed like harmless goofs.

There was another clown in my childhood that left such an impression that I had to paint him. This one was probably constructed of papier mâché and beckoned all to join him inside Laff in the Dark, a scary fun-house ride at Gwynn Oak Park in Baltimore, MD. And I will add that this was my favorite ride at the park.
"Laff in the Dark" oil on canvas (16" x 20") 2004

"Welcome to Gwynn Oak" oil on paper 920" x 20") 2004

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


It has been a typical Baltimore July with heat and humidity. My trusty General Electric Fan has been moving the air in my studio every day. I honored its service with an oil painting last week.
"Fan: Trusty General Electric in Motion" oil on board (12" x 16") 2016

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Comforting Blue Beauties of Summer

The hydrangeas in our garden are bursting forth with hues of pink, purple, lavender and blue. We have eight bushes and no two are exactly the same color. There is one that stands out with the most brilliant blue blossoms imaginable. I snipped a few flower heads to bring to the studio over the weekend. I wanted to remember how much they comforted me in my melancholia entwined with sweet memories of Thierry Jeannier who left us too soon last month. Rest in Peace dear man. You were a genuine friend and  beloved son to us and we miss you every day.
"Bluest Hydrangeas" oil on board ( 13" x 10") 2016

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mind Your Beeswax

Bees are buzzing around the studio this week. Here are  my new tiny paintings of our waxy, winged pollinators. A generous friend who has a studio down the hall recently gave me a few small frames that he could not use. I decided that these little bees would look very cozy nesting in two of the beautiful gold frames. The little oils will be dry by the weekend and ready to rest in their new "hive."
"Small Busy Bee" oil on canvas (4.5" x 3.25") 2026

"Small Busy Bee with Flower" oil on canvas (2.25" x 4") 2016

Thursday, April 7, 2016


My first outdoor show of the season is in Arlington, Virginia next weekend. I will have many new oil paintings including this typewriter (featured here) that I found in the attic during the  2016 Baltimore blizzard. Since many of you have made the request, I'll bring additional paintings of vintage objects including the sewing machines and telephones. Hope everyone can stop by my booth. It would be fun to see all of you!

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Maybe it's the arrival of spring. I'm not sure but I painted another rooster. This one was a rescued rooster who soon became a resident at Long's Park in Lancaster, PA.
"Long's Park Rooster" oil on board, (11" x 14") 2016