Thursday, June 18, 2015


"Betterton Lunch" oil on canvas
18" x 36"
Over the weekend I exhibited at HONFEST in Baltimore, MD. This street festival offers a venue for men and women to dress up as 1950s women at work and play.  Some are even awarded prizes for their costumes. It's always fun to watch the parade of people as they stroll by and/or stop in my tent. This year one particular visitor to my booth gave me a great surprise. As he began to speak to me I  gleefully interrupted him and said,
 "I know that voice! You are on our TV every evening as we watch Baltimore Oriole's baseball."
Gary Thorne,  MASN play by play announcer for the Baltimore Orioles, humbly acknowledged my remark and then began to talk about my paintings and prints of working women before purchasing several pieces.
The next day, I missed the game since I was at HONFEST for the entire weekend. A friend of mine was watching  the Sunday afternoon game though, as Gary Thorne honored the working women of Baltimore, mentioning HONFEST, while showing some of my work. What a thrill to have a blending of two of my favorite subjects...paintings of women and d'em Os.

"Operators Are Standing By" oil on board
24" x 24"
"Grossmudder with Her Chickens" oil on canvas
18" x 24