Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ladies, You're Sewing It All Wrong

"Singer Sewing - Pink Thread" oil on panel, (11" x 14") 2015
A friend, knowing that I love to paint various images of the vintage Singer sewing machine which  I found in our basement, sent me this section of a brochure which came with the 1949 Singer Machine. It is pointed directly at the homemaker of post-WWII era. I wonder how many women took this advice seriously and never sewed in a bad mood or with crooked lipstick or heaven forbid, in a messy house.

Sometimes I do my best paintings when I'm not wearing lipstick. In fact when I did the painting above two weeks ago, I probably left the house without doing all my urgent household chores. Does it show in the artwork?
"Singer Sewing Rear" oil on panel, (8" x 10") 2015
"Singer Sewing w/Green Thread" oil on panel, (11" x 14") 2015