Monday, May 13, 2013


"Merlan Brilliant" oil on canvas (16" x 12") 2013
Some of my favorite places to explore when we visit La Belle France are the markets. The produce, meat and fish are artistically arranged making them nearly irresistible. The creative layouts entice one to paint their bright colors and unusual shapes. As we move among the colorful ambiance of the stalls, making purchases for dinner, I am all the while taking pictures of the amazing variety of fish, fruit, vegetables, eggs and meat. The vendors are very friendly and eager to make a sale so they are proud to have their wares photographed.

France is on my mind as we recently said good-bye to six Parisian  house guests aged two to 52.  The two older children were keen to practice their English and soak up the teenage music and fashion.  I  secretly wished that we had beautiful markets to show off  but our guests were delighted to be in the United States and dine on Baltimore's famous steamed crabs. In fact it was a request that they made. I was impressed by how naturally the younger ones just took to the crustaceans. You see, where they come from it is not abnormal to be served your dinner with the head still attached! When you dine with the French there is never a wasted piece of food! Everything gets used.

"Rouget Barbet avec Herbs" oil on canvas (9" x 12") 2013
"Poissons sur Glace"  oil on canvas (14" x 23") 2013