Wednesday, December 23, 2015

May Your Holidays be Filled with Peace, Light and the Distant Sound of a Train Whistle

"The MA and PA; Chugging along the tracks in Snowy Evergreen" (10" x 14") oil on canvas, 2014
In Baltimore we are experiencing near record, warm temperatures during December. It's rainy today and downright muggy instead of raw. Our firewood remains stacked and barely touched in the shed. So for all my friends and followers who are pining away for cold and snow, here's a little remembrance of a snowy day along the MA and PA tracks in North Baltimore. The specific location is next to Stony Run in a little neighborhood called Evergreen. If you are curious about this adorable railroad that ran between Maryland and Pennsylvania there is an ultimate book on the subject titled, "The Ma & Pa: The History of the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad," by George Hilton. You can still see the remains of the MA & PA roundhouse on Falls Road by the Baltimore Streetcar Museum.