Friday, May 26, 2017


Pair of Crabs oil on birch panel (8" x 16") 2017
At least once in a season we have a crab feast with friends and family on our patio. There are always a few, unmolested, left-over bodies and what the chef does not use for soup I save for my models  in the studio. I carefully wrap them in foil and put into the freezer. This pair here that I saved is about three years old. They are getting so brittle and faded that I might need a new gang. The one on the left you might recognize from some of my Old Bay and Crab painting. He was splendid. But now I only want to paint them without the props. Here's another posing solo below.
"Solo Crab" oil on birch panel ( 6" x 12") 2016

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  1. I can smell the Old Bay....alas can't eat them....allergic! Beautiful colors!