Saturday, February 27, 2010

Meetcha At Ameche's

The jingle for Ameche’s goes something like this:

“Meetcha at Ameche’s
Treatcha at Ameche’s
A powerhouse and
a chocolate shake!”

Baltimore Colts football player (1955-60) Alan Ameche owned this popular chain of four (or five) drive-in restaurants. There were locations in Dundalk, Glen Burnie, Pikesville and Towson. However some people swear to me that there was an additional one in Timonium. I remember that the Ameche’s in Towson (Loch Raven Boulevard actually) was rumored to have the hottest muscle cars in the area. As a satisfied Champs patron I never had the desire to drive to Ameche’s and ride around in their parking lot. Many people remember the Powerhouse hamburger sandwich with its special “No. 35 gourmet sauce.”

The previous description was written in 2004 when I first did the Ameche’s painting. Well a lot of black and white images have surfaced since then including this one which pictures the Ameche’s in Timonium. (photo courtesy of the Baltimore County Public Library) It stood where the Nationwide Nissan car dealer is or was (not sure if it is still there) for years. I am surprised to see that the restaurant also sold Kentucky Fried chicken from the Colonel. But again as a west side gal we rarely left our quadrant to check out the competition in the north, south or east sides of Baltimore. It is just how it was in those days.

This little photo was taken at the Ameche's in Towson. Notice the goal post sign in the background?


  1. The Beach Boys say, "Stay true to your school" and Charlene says, Stay true to your quadrant"...

    Ameche's might have been 100 times better than Champs (which I doubt), but our friends were on Route 40 West and that's where our fun was.

    The hottest car at Champs was the one Charlene Clark was in.

  2. Get those brushes out.

    Hey, how good is your memory? How about Gino's on Frederick Road where McDonald's is now?

    It is the first place I purchased a meal for a girl. A Gino Giant...!!!

  3. I lived closer to Ameches at Loch Raven and Taylor, but always made the Saturday nite run to Champs. I had a '64 tri-power GTO, but the hottest car at Champs was the BJC teacher and his '66 or '67 427 Blue Cobra.

    1. His name was Lee O'Neill and he was indeed a teacher at BJC and a graduate of Mt. St. Joe. He lived near Wilkens Ave and Beechfield Rd. and his Cobra was the baddest of the bad.

  4. Tim
    I remember that Cobra and wrote about it in an earlier post about Champs.

  5. Charlene

    Just checked back on this site and I was surprised to see your reply! I didn't now many people in the Champs crowd, as I was from the Loch Raven and Taylor (Ameche's) area. One thing I remember though, was racing on the highest overpass (as it was under construction) over 695 around the Security Blvd area. Now that was fun!!!

  6. Oh yes I remember being a spectator at a few of those races. It was a thrilling contest and I felt honored to watch it. After all, the motor head boys treated it with a great deal of respect and weight.

  7. One correction. There was no Ameches in Pikesville which is in Baltimore County. The one you are mostly referring to is Pimlico Ameches just a couple of blocks N of Northern Parkway on Reisterstown Rd.Baltimore city where there in now a Dubkin Donuts. I should know as I hung there 7 nights a week every week of the year. And we had the meanest, fastest cars. It was a great time to be a gear head.

  8. Thanks J...I had hoped that someone would fill in details about these Ameche's locations. I am sure you had some mean was a visual treat for everyone as they admired all the different machines!

  9. I remember a drive-in located just off Timonium
    Road, on York Road. Was there several times
    but can't swear it was an Ameche's. I don't think it was. Friends would drive to Ameche's from Hereford area to the one on Loch Raven Blvd. I don't why we would do that if one was
    located closer, on York Road. I refer to about

  10. Yep....Ameche's was in Timonium. Not sure of the date but I have included a photo of it above.