Monday, April 5, 2010


"Koester's Bread Truck" oil on canvas
(18" x 24")
Will the real Koester’s Twin please stand up? Until this painting was completed in 2007 I had no idea how many people claimed to be the baby on the side of the truck. It is possible that many children auditioned for this job but it appears that only one or two really got the assignment, In my youth I assumed that these babies were girls. However to date no women have stepped forward in my presence to proclaim that they were the model. Only men of a certain age have sincerely declared to me their past claim to fame . What ever the motive or ad campaign was behind the logo I have to say it was a clever one. Not too many Baltimoreans raised in the 1950’s have no memory of these adorable, cherubic bread eaters.


  1. I'm rather certain I dated the one on the left. (the cuter one)

  2. I love this painting. The color is so rich, and it really throws you back to another time and a place that still exists, but only in the mind of those who lived it.