Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saying Good-bye to Vince

Our biggest contributor to this modest blog is no longer behind his keyboard. We lost Baltimore native Vince Spence, 61, in early May. He was a very generous and thoughtful man. And if you have read his posts you know he was naturally funny. A friend recently referred to him as a spark plug and I agree. I am going to miss him and his entertaining posts very much. Many knew Vince as the One-Eyed Golfer from his blog which he maintained with great professionalism and attention to detail. Not being a golfer myself I knew Vince as a Baltimorean with whom I shared memories of our bygone city. He loved to reminisce from a slightly quirky angle. He could usually add a "bad boy" observation to most of the roadside paintings presented. Beyond everything, the man knew how to use his precious gift for bringing comedy into peoples' lives. He usually made me laugh into my computer screen with his clever posts and e mails. The previous entry here about the Hilton Dairy Cottage was in direct response to a request from Vince. I hope he was able to read it. I know he remains with all of us in spirit. My sincere condolences to his loving family for whom he cared very, very deeply. Rest in Peace, dear man. You did it right.


  1. Vince,

    You left us all too soon. We were waiting for you at Ship's Cafe the night before your illness. We'll always be thinking about you and raising our beer glasses and cracking the Old Bay seasoned crabs in your memory.

    Put in a good word for us up there. We (I) need all the help I can get.

    Love you man.


  2. Hey Buddy
    Vince always had good words for you. I imagine he has not stopped.