Monday, February 21, 2011


"Wilton Farm Dairy - Landscape" oil on canvas ( 12" x 16")

Wilton Farm Dairy cows lived on the Zaiser family farm in Catonsville, MD at the corner of Wilkens Avenue and Maiden Choice Lane for almost 100 years. It was always fun to see them from the Baltimore Beltway just grazing in the field behind their decorative fence. A photo of the dairy's fence is one of many which eludes me. It spelled out Wilton Farm Dairy in cursive letters. Additionally, whoever decided to emblazon the barn's roof with the name of the dairy was an advertising genius. That image of white block letters against the aqua roof has remained green in my memory.

"Wilton Farm Dairy Truck" oil on canvas ( 18" x 24")

A dear family friend named Carolyn was lucky enough to have a father who drove one of the farm’s delivery trucks which brought milk and all things dairy to many homes on the west side of town. She said her sister and brother would ride with her father sometimes when he drove his milk route. They loved it because their generous father said they could have anything that they wanted to eat on the truck. It was a day of dining on donuts, chocolate milk and juice for this lucky pair. My uncle Michael, who grew up in Irvington, remembers family trips to the dairy where the milk was so good that all seven brothers and sisters drank it on the spot. It was a sad night in February, 1979 when the farm was destroyed by fire. Following that tragedy the land was developed into houses which remain situated on the property. However whenever I ride past I still try to remember that fence with the cursive letters.

And bringing up the rear here is a photo from my toy truck collection... It is played with more often than some others. Moooo Moooo


  1. I lived near the old Wilton Farm Dairy and I remember sneaking over there to try to ride one of the cows. I did not have much luck as Bossy would just lay down. "Mr. Al" was our milkman and he would always break off big chunks of ice for the kids on a hot summer day. Fond memories of growing up in Catonsville!

    Pawleys Island, SC

  2. We live on Keen Valley Drive in the Broadfield Townhouse Community, built on the Wilton Farm Dairy land. I spend time every day in the surrounding woods, cutting grapevine and English ivy that have been strangling the very old trees. I'm sure some of them were here during the dairy years, maybe planted by the family, and it brings me great happiness to see the trees coming back to life.

  3. My husband used to spend summers at Wilton Farm Dairy. The picture of the ice skaters has Ethel Zaiser, my husband's aunt. How can I get a copy of this picture for my husband?