Sunday, June 24, 2012


Dorsey Speedway, during its 34-year life span, was located off Route 1 near Elkridge in Howard County, MD.  Occasionally our family who enthusiastically embraced a wide range of cars and  commercial trucks went there on summery evenings.  We sat in the grandstands eating delicious french fries and watching the stock cars race around the red dirt track. I remember the dizzying figure 8 shape of the track, too. There are stories about serious race car drivers named Will Dilks and Johnny Roberts who drew from a large fan base. But the racing was secondary to my love of the demolition derbies. Sometimes there was nothing better than watching old cars bang into each other until they could no longer move. It was real bumper cars for earnest adults thought this innocent pre-teen.

Vroommmm Vroooommmmm


  1. My dad used to take me to Dorsey Speedway. The figure-8 races had to be seen to be believed!

  2. My fathers name is Fred Edenfield Dorsey Jr. and I remember watching him many a nights participating in the Figure 8 and the Derbys at Dorsey Speedway. It brings back many memories.

  3. Robin thanks for posting your memories. How exciting to have your father in the races. It was always fun to be there.