Thursday, August 8, 2013


"Cape May - Lewes Ferry" oil on canvas (18" x 36") 2013
Every July when we visit Lewes, Delaware I always reserve the time to wander around the docks of the Cape May - Lewes Ferry. I bask in the energy and the upbeat atmosphere generated by people on vacation slowing their pace to float across the 17-mile-stretch between Lewes, DE and Cape May, NJ. The system has five vessels that cross the Delaware Bay during the  daily 16 hour schedule.
The ferries began their service in 1964 with a fleet of boats that had been previously crossing the Chesapeake Bay between Cape Charles and Virginia Beach, VA.  At that time they were still steam powered but a decade later they were replaced with the current collection of vessels which includes names such as  M.V. Twin Capes and M.V. Cape Henlopen. The terminal in Lewes is staffed by cheerful men and women who not only load the passengers and their cars but they sell tickets, tend bar and operate a gift shop.

I love the clattering sounds of the ferry being loaded.
 The terminal itself can be a destination with a gorgeous view of the bay from the outdoor lounge and piers. If you go you will be reminded of a time  when vacations were true getaways from the grinding pace of every day life. Even though the ferries run on a schedule no one makes you feel in a hurry. After all, if you miss one ferry another one will arrive soon.
Ferries arrive and depart on a daily 16 hour schedule.

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