Thursday, April 7, 2011

Elmer's Musical Bar- Pratt St. Baltimore

On Sunday after mass, followed by supper at grandmother’s house, my father used to drive his family around Baltimore city. One place that I always requested to drive by was Elmer’s Musical Bar at Pratt and Light Streets. Looking past the occasional boxcar sitting in the middle of Pratt Street, one could see motorcycles crowding the parking lot. It looked very exciting but I was warned that it was a very rough waterfront "joint." How rough? Well someone told me that the bands had to play behind a chicken wire cage to avoid being beaned on the head by flying beer bottles. Another man told me that patrons would ride their motorcycles right inside the bar on rainy days. Everyone agrees that the music was exceptional. Probably the draw for such a crazy mix of Baltimore males was the terrific musical venue that was open on Sundays--uncommon in those days. I don’t know if women ever ventured inside Elmer’s. For sure there was no “ladies’ entrance.”


  1. Governor McKelden's brother was a mounted cop and worked around Elmer's. Once in a while, he would ride his horse into the bar, scoop up a mug of beer off the bar and ride out the side door, to the amazement and astonishment of the half loaded patrons. He says it was just a stunt and never drank the beer. You can see Officer McKeldin and his horse at this link

  2. Love that photo with the Hendler's sign in the background. Thanks so much for posting this.