Wednesday, January 13, 2016


"Darling Little Clementines" oil on panel, (6" x 12") 2015
We love the fruity sweetness of clementines. My husband, a native of Provence, calls them mandarines. He reminds me every year that the crop from Morocco, located in northwestern Africa, is the tastiest. He is right. Coming in second place is the harvest from neighboring Spain. After that we just don't take any chances since too many countries have jumped on board and frankly their clementines just don't compare. The season is almost over now and we are about to purchase our final bunch from the supermarket. I adore the petite crates in which they are presented. It just makes them even more darling and fun to paint.
"My Darling Clementines" oil on canvas, (12" x 16") 2014

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