Monday, January 4, 2016


"Bee Bombers" oil on panel (6" x 6") 2015

As summer came and went, I watched the gentle honeybees tirelessly visit the gardens in our Baltimore city neighborhood. Without grumble or protest they worked hard in the elements from dawn to dusk making sure to pollinate every flower and blossom within their range. Our buzzing friends never asked us to recognize that they were responsible for tending to the reproductive health of our fruit and flowers. In addition, they unselfishly shared their sweet bounty with the human keepers of their apiaries. For those who are curious to learn more about the life of bees, here's an explanation about life inside the hive.
I now understand the old phrase, "the bees knees." Originally, it referred to something insignificant like the knees of a bee... or perhaps as the work of the bees seems insignificant on a daily basis. But the long term effects of their work is nothing short of remarkable. And so, in more modern times the meaning changed, when we experience something fantastic we say it is the "bees knees."
 I'm taking my cues from the bees for 2016: work hard, give unselfishly and ask for nothing in return but peace.  Here are a few of my small oil paintings that they recently inspired.

"Bee Bush" oil on panel (6" x 6") 2015

"Bee Garden" oil on panel (6" x 6") 2015

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