Monday, January 4, 2010

Delivery of Baltimore Truck

"Delivery of Baltimore Truck" oil on canvas (12" x 16")

The phrase “charge and send” used by Baltimore shoppers in Hochschild-Kohn, Stewart & Co., Hutzler Brothers and Hecht’s department stores was the first step toward getting free home delivery. I think Hess Shoe store and perhaps Hahn’s used this service as well. The packages always arrived the next day and sometimes the same day to the delight of both urban and suburban families. The most exciting times of the year for me to see the green truck were during the months of October after a shopping spree at Hutzler’s “Occasion Extraordinaire” sale and of course December. The driver practically wore a rut in our driveway during those days. These pleasant delivery men never had time to chat or dawdle. In order to maintain their efficiency they kept on the move knowing where to leave the packages when the customers were not at home.

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  1. My Dad was a driver for Delivery of Baltimore in late 60's. The trucks were brown then, the lettering gold. I always thought UPS stole some ideas there.