Friday, January 29, 2010

I Sure Wish I Were in This Dog House

This building shaped like a dog really was the home of One-Spot Flea Killer located on Washington Blvd. in Elkridge, MD. People have more ideas about what they remember regarding this manufacturing plant. One or two people said that the dog's eye was a window and it winked at them. Perhaps they were referring to the 655 feet of neon lights that once outlined the letters on our itchy pooch. I remember the windows in the front and how they appeared to hang over the road. One man actually told me that there was a twin dog that faced this one from across the street. To date no one else has come forward with that thought. I do love hearing what imagery people believe that they saw. The building holds significance for me because a car ride past the “dog building” was offered as a reward for good behavior at home. In the days before interstate 95, all Baltimore teens who attended University of MD College Park had to drive past it on their way back and forth to their dorms. The grandson of the owner, Mr. Simpson, told me that a photo of the building appeared in Life Magazine. That clipping has not crossed my path. But I keep up the hunt. I did find a tin of the flea powder and did a small painting of it earlier this year. You have to love the sense of humor of Mr. Simpson. First of all he built this unusual building and then he printed advertising such as this postcard I found.
R U in the dog house? Yes? No?
My answer is I sure wish that were possible.


  1. Interesting stuff... I grew up in and about this area after this building was torn down and I JUST learned about it today via one of my hair clients (80 year old man) as I was cutting his hair about 150 miles from the area. My Dad is 80 and grew up in the Howard Co. area so I said, "hmmm, well now I have to go home and ask my Dad if he remembers a house shaped like a dog..." Just walked in, asked him about it and he started telling me all about fact Mr. Simpson turned out to be my Dad's family's landlord when he was a boy, apparently they lived right near this "dog house" . Of course I had to google it, AND there was your blog. Nice work, thanks for putting in the effort so I could 'see' with my own 2 eyes what in the world they were talking about. Haha. Not sure I'd have ever been able to imagine what it really was like! Thanks again! and Happy New Year. May your 2014 be super blessed!

  2. I remember this building from when I was a kid. I think it was in Beltsville, not Elkridge. We used to drive every week from DC to Baltimore to see my grandma.

  3. Hi Rebecca. Thanks for writing. It is fascinating to me what the mind remembers. As for the location of the One Spot Flea Killer house, if you look at the painting (above) of the tin it says, Elkridge, MD right on the front. Hope to hear from you again.